Kids Room

A lot of villas that boast they sleep 10 people are the same as ours, in as much that they have four bedrooms. However in most, 2 people have to sleep on a sofa bed in the lounge area. That of course has its own drawbacks, imagine having to sleep on a sofa bed, not just for a couple of nights, but if you are like most people who are on holiday for 9 days, 14 days or even more! Also those who draw the shortest straw have to be last to bed and first to rise!

By furnishing this room with twin bunk beds we have tried to overcome the problem. There is of course one argument that can arise, and we can not do anything to help………who gets the top bunks!

We have called this the kid’s room, because the majority of the time it is occupied by the younger people and is thus themed towards Disney and cartoon characters, having its own video/dvd player and flat screen TV with a selection of multi aged videos for their use. A PlayStation with suitable games is also available.

The 2 sets of bunk beds in the room are metal, with full single bed mattresses. These bunks, even the top ones are sturdy enough to take older teenagers.

There is a large chest of drawers, a built in wardrobe and shelving, enough for all your clothing.